Windsor/Detroit Musical Takeaways

Yesterday I got back from five days spent in the Windsor/Detroit area, and as we do after a trip it’s fun to cover what’s interesting musically about the area – besides why this is a ready-made great scene.  Admittedly my trip was centred around a San Jose Sharks/Detroit Red Wings game (which my Sharks won, BOOYAKA) and some other Michigan stuff, so there wasn’t as much room for music.  But nonetheless we cover, because music!

One place I got to while in Detroit was the motherfuckin’ Motown Museum:

As we’ve talked about before, Motown, while not normally a TPS-covered genre, is the most badass of classic music, and Fearless Records should really do a “Punk Goes Motown” album.  Sadly the museum was closed for renovations while there, but it was still cool to get to.

Detroit also has a couple of cool mid-large venues, including the Fox Theatre:

The Fox seats over 5000, and has one of the best things about concert venues: a kickass marquee sign.  Most new venues don’t have that, and it’s a shame because they rule.

A popular venue for underground music is The Old Miami:

Starting as a place for war vets and an acronym for “Missing In Action Michigan”, this venue features a backyard and a place for local rock to do its thing, at a good price for the fans.

So Detroit has stuff, but so does Windsor, Ontario across the border.  Phog Lounge is a place I first discovered while putting together a project for a course I was taking through Berklee.  Sitting on University Avenue near…a daycare, obviously university – the U of Windsor, to be exact – Phog was once named the “Best Live Music Venue in Canada” in a CBC Radio contest.  Also in downtown Windsor, the hilariously-named Venue Music Hall is another underground hot spot.

Another thing Windsor has is something that isn’t as important in 2015 as before, but still matters: a solid modern rock radio station, and one that reaches out to local artists.  89X really targets Detroit because you know bigger, and has “The Homeboy Show” to highlight the hometown stuff.  There’s also “Canadian X-ports” for the Windsor/wherever artists too.  It’s a good listen, and not a bad way to get in tune with the area if you’re road tripping.

I do wish I had more of a chance to experience the musical side of Windsor/Detroit personally, but maybe next time.  In the meantime, we have the aforementioned to enjoy/look forward to, and if you live in that area and want to pass any other venue/whatever along, please do!