Interview: ACRONYMS

It’s a common story in rock, especially with younger musicians: bands play gigs together, become friends and gradually find that their true musical partners are those who they’re not currently in a project with.  Such was the case for ACRONYMS.  Consisting of Billy Tataryn (guitar/vocals), Adan Lemus (guitar/keyboard/vocals), Brynn Krysa (bass/vocals) and Tyson Goodyear (drums), the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan indie rockers released their debut EP SimpleComplex in January, led by single “Fake Fear”.  While heading out on a Western Canadian tour in support (which they’re on as we speak), they took some time to chat with TPS.

You guys first came together by filling in with each other’s previous bands.  What was the moment that made you think “this might become something bigger”?

First time we came together to try and see if us playing together worked, we jammed straight for like 8 hours.  At that moment we were certain this could form into something special.

Your sound has been compared to Tame Impala and Radiohead among others.  Are they big influences?  Who are some of your favourite artists?

Anyone who owns a flanger is a fan of Tame Impala and who doesn’t like Radiohead.  We draw influence from everything we listen to.  Nothing is off-limits, at the moment some of our favourite groups would have to be Beck, Foals, Close Talker.  Pretty much anyone who’s doing something that comes across as genuine and makes us feel something.

SimpleComplex was named in honour of recording the album live off the floor.  What made you do that instead of regular studio production?

To be completely honest we didn’t have the funds to record a full-length as tracking individual instruments would take up way more time in the studio.  That being said we play really well together as a group live and in practice.  So it only made sense to try doing it live off the floor.

The Sheepdogs and Wide Mouth Mason are two well-known acts from Saskatoon.  Who else from the city’s scene would you guys mention as standouts?

 Our buddies in Close Talker are doing some really exciting things, as well we love sharing the stage with Mario Lepage.  Two great groups who bring it all to live performance.

You’re doing a Western Canadian spring swing right now.  Any plans to tour outside the region?

 At the moment no talks of international tours yet, of course the opportunity to tour outside of your hometown is always rewarding.  Hopefully we get the opportunity to venture out of the country as well.

After experiencing ACRONYMS for the first time, is there anything you especially want people to take away from it?

 A t-shirt, cd, and a dirty grin.

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