Scenematography: Punk Cover Moose – “I Can’t Get Next to You”

I’ve long advocated for a Punk Goes Motown compilation.  While Fearless Records continues to not do that, at least we have Punk Cover Moose knowing that this idea is WHAT IS UP.

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Scenematography: Mauves – “Eh Fille”

I literally was just saying we need more French rock up in this blizog, so this makes a lot of sense.  (It’s almost as if I can choose what we talk about!!)  Quebec City indie rockers Mauves have released a new video, so whooooaaaa desired content!

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Scenematography: Allie & Ivy – “Best Friends”

Allie & Ivy released “Best Friends” last fall, but now there’s also a video for it.  The song got an honourable mention in the 2016 International Songwriting Competition, and now gets an even bigger one with a feature on TP-…yeah yeah here’s the “Scenematography” for it whaaaatever!

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Scenematography: Lese Majesty – “Seeking Escape”

Lese Majesty’s sophomore EP Cold Reason for Change came out last Friday.  The Sydney, Australia alt-rockers preceded it not long before with “Seeking Escape”, the effort’s second single and follow-up to “Crown Land”.  With the EP now out, so is the video for said second single.

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Scenematography: Final State – “WAYN?”

Even if I can’t always understand the lyrics, I always enjoy listening to music in other languages.  That said, instead of waiting for the upcoming English version of the latest single from Quebec City’s Final State, we’ll totally get into the French version’s video.

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Scenematography: Bouncing Souls – “Battleground”

So, Donald Trump has been president of the United States of America for about a week now.  One thing he’s done is repeal Barack Obama’s executive order to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, and one new thing in the continued effort against the project is a new Bouncing Souls song in support.

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Scenematography: Luke Seymoup – “Mosquitoes”

Luke Seymoup’s first appearance on TPS was as the inspiration behind a Saves the Day-themed “Weekendcore”.  Now, the Melbourne folk punker is the main subject with the release of “Mosquitoes”.  The new single via Whisk and Key Records precedes an album set for release in 2017, and follows the 2015 split EP Two Folk Boys (in a Cadillac) with Joe Guiton.

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Scenematography: I Prevail – “Stuck in Your Head”

I Prevail released their debut full-length Lifelines last Friday.  “Scars” was released as its first single back in the summer, and now the Detroit, Michigan post-hardcore four-piece are ringing in fall with the video for “Stuck in Your Head”.

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Scenematography: The Story So Far – “Nerve”

Earlier today Red Bull premiered The Story So Far’s new video for “Nerve”.  Back when the band’s 2015 self-titled third album was being teased it was the first song released, but for video purposes it follows up “Heavy Gloom”.  Like that song, “Nerve” is one of the album’s best and a good choice for a video (you know, how these things usually work).

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Scenematography: Coheed and Cambria – “Bridge and Tunnel”

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 6.57.13 PM
Coheed and Cambria released The Color Before the Sun last year, their eighth album and first that isn’t part of The Amory Wars.  This past Friday the band released The Color Before the Sun: Deconstructed, a digital deluxe edition that features two bonus demos.  One of them had a video released for it yesterday.

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