Scene Specific: Halifax, Nova Scotia (Part 2)

When “Scene Specific” debuted, its first edition profiled Halifax.  As the home market of TPS I thought that was only fitting, and as this blog wraps up it’s equally so to bring the feature full-circle with another look.

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Scene Specific: Windsor-Detroit

Scene Specific With Border
A new logo!  See how the lights are like a skyline AND digital VU metre?  Genius! (?)

I’ve always loved border markets because you get the best of both worlds.  Whether between countries, provinces or states, there’s a dynamic that’s really cool and hard to beat.  Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan have 1) been talked about on this blog before and 2) are two cool blue-collar cities that have taken their share of lumps, and combine to form perhaps North America’s most solid border metro this side of San Diego-Tijuana.  They also have rock music are you surprised?????  Let’s cover some!

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