Book Review: Scott Weiland – Not Dead & Not for Sale

Although it came out back in 2011, I only got around to reading Not Dead & Not for Sale this week.  The late Scott Weiland’s hard-lived life was a well-known one, and it was cool to really get into it all in his autobiography.

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Album Review: Ian James – In Flames

The last release Ian James put out was in response to an RPM Challenge.  2015 EP Cheap Real Estate is an instrumental effort, but upcoming album In Flames, out December 2nd via his own Blue FX Records, is more properly a follow-up to last year’s Fever Dreams EP.  On it the Lowell, Massachusetts alt-rocker serves up nine tracks with lots of groovy and guitar-driven action.

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Album Review: Fossil Youth – A Glimpse of Self Joy

After 2014’s split EP with Wickerwolves and last year’s Intertwined with You, Fossil Youth are finally ready to drop their debut full-length.  The Enid, Oklahoma indie rockers will release A Glimpse of Self Joy November 4th via Take This to Heart Records, so let’s get ready for that with a glimpse (*fist pump*) at what’s to come.

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Album Review: Soulwound – No Peace

OH HERE WE GO SWEETIE, IT’S TIME FOR SOME SCANDINAVIAN METAL!  I can’t help but react like that when covering this type of stuff, because it’s always terrifyingly badass.  Kouvola, Finland’s Soulwound are putting out sophomore full-length No Peace October 21st, and the follow-up to 2013’s Seeing Red is quite accurately named.

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Album Review: Rick Moss – Elephant Philosophy

Elephant Philosophy
The Boss Rick Moss is a true DIYer.  The Toronto indie rocker is not only a solo artist, but handles everything about it – songwriting, production (in part), booking, graphics, press, etc.  June-released debut EP Elephant Philosophy (which is an EP with the initials “EP” whoa!) is the culmination of two years of work, sadly given a motivational push by the tragic death of a friend and getting fired just nine months apart.

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Album Review: Squarecrow – Rammi Jamms

The favourite punk sons of San Diego, California just returned in fine fashion as Blink-182 released California July 1st.  Squarecrow (see what they did?) are also from America’s Finest City, and released their latest EP Rammi Jamms May 27th.  It’s eight tracks of raw, unfiltered punk rock that does Southern California proud.

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Album Review: Sarchasm – Challenger

Berkeley, California is, you know, kind of a legendary spot in the world of punk.  The San Francisco Bay Area has a celebrated scene in general, but the East Bay has given us Green Day, Rancid, 924 Gilman Street and beyond.  That “beyond” includes Sarchasm, and the Vacant Lot Entertainment Records (Oakland!) act dropped their new EP Challenger today.

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Album Review: Romance & Rebellion – Romance & Rebellion

Cover Art
Romance and rebellion.  They’re harder to deal with than the chill version of R&R, but – juxtaposed or otherwise –  often more rewarding.  Listening to Romance & Rebellion is a nice happy medium, as displayed by their self-titled debut EP which came out last week.  The Los Angeles-based pop rockers dish out equal doses of rock and sweetness across six catchy tracks.

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