Mashup Thoughts: Friday, July 7th

Who are the 2017 Chicago Cubs of alternative?  I…just don’t know.

I’m watching the Cubs on TV, and was trying to think of which artist compares to them.  Our previous sports-related comparison came when we determined Twenty One Pilots are the Golden State Warriors, and frankly that was much easier.  For the longest time the Cubbies were baseball’s loveable losers, but then last year they won their first World Series in 108 years.  This year they’re massively underachieving, and so I started to ponder who has a similar timeline in music – and came up with this picture: (!)

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Mashup Thoughts: Wednesday, June 14th

In the midst of a musical book

I just started reading The Art of Asking, the 2014 memoir of Dresden Dolls frontwoman Amanda Palmer.  It details her use of crowdfunding and other ways she’s just asked for help over the years, and it’s pretty interesting.  Once I’m done perhaps it’ll be reviewed right here, much like Scott Weiland’s autobiography.

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Mashup Thoughts: Tuesday, December 20th

Could lyric videos replace regular music videos? 

I’ve often said lyric videos are one of the smartest things to happen in music in the last few years.  It went from just regular people making them to official ones being released on YouTube.  The latter started as just fancy text, but many now have a whole concept going on behind the lyrics.  It makes me wonder if we could eventually see lyric videos on TV.  Music videos aren’t as prominent as they used to be, but maybe this could be a natural evolution for when channels decide to air Teen Wolf marathons them.

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Mashup Thoughts: Thursday, November 10th

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What music might we get during a Donald Trump presidency?

Once Donald Trump was elected president, several people made comments like “so many punk bands are gonna form now”.  Yours truly got in on that action too, and it really will be something to see if new acts come out of this and what current ones write.  Noisey did make a good point about not losing sight of what Trump winning really means, nailing it with “We’re teetering on the edge of descending into actual fascism, and you’re thinking about your record collection?!”.  I seriously think Rock Against Trump might be on the way though.

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Mashup Thoughts: Friday, August 12th

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Back-to-back new feature logo debuts!  $?%&#$@-…well, actually in this logo’s case not anymore!

When you wanna theme it up but there’s just nothing there.

If you’re a fan of Major League Baseball you know tonight is New York Yankees third baseman DH benchwarmer Alex Rodriguez’s final game.  The Yanks are booting the controversial legend because he’s old and bad now, but, despite the admitted steroid use and general dinkness, he’s one of the best players ever.  I was thinking about doing something with New York and Miami artists (his current team and hometown), but I couldn’t come up with anything.  So…there’s your behind-the-scenes look at the TPS cutting room floor!  Godspeed A-Rod, go listen to Nothing Gold Can Stay or something.

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