Liner Notes: Thursday, July 13th

Seaway are dropping new stuff this week, including their cover of “Closer” from the upcoming Punk Goes Motown Pop Vol. 7.  The band tweeted that a “new chapter” is coming, so that’ll be something.

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Liner Notes: Wednesday, June 7th

Allie & Ivy has released new single “MONEY”, a sarcastic ode to today’s materialistic society.  You can even grab it via the handy iTunes box on the right-hand side of the page because TP$. *wink and gun*

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Liner Notes: Thursday, May 11th

Blink-182 have released “Wildfire”, which is described by the band as follows: “Think of your favorite song from Enema of the State.  Now think of your favorite song from California.  Now imagine them falling in love and starting a family of their own.  That’s what this song is.”  The deluxe version of California is out next Friday, which will maybe further make Matt Skiba consider leav-*jumps off cliff*

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Liner Notes: Friday, March 10th

SXSW is on as of today.  It’s a week and a half of concerts, conferences and all kinds of good stuff in Austin, Texas.  If you’re going you’re lucky – including because warm weather = good!

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Liner Notes: Wednesday, February 15th

Lese Majesty have a new single called “Seeking Escape”.  It’s the latest off Cold Reason for Change, their sophomore EP which comes out on Friday.  The song deals with addiction: “Like many of us, I have seen loved ones struggle with addiction.  I often feel guilty as I work so much that I am not often here for them…this song is one small aspect of the story where I put myself in someone else’s shoes.  One of my good friends told me to read ‘Chasing The Scream’, which helped me navigate some kind of understanding of the causes of addiction rather than condemning the symptoms.  So there are reflections of Johann Hari’s book in this song as well as my attempt to move forward and find a solution.”  Get MOAR deets about the upcoming release via TPS’ chat with the band!

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Liner Notes: Monday, January 23rd

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on music?  White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on music.  It was delightfully inevitable.

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Liner Notes: Tuesday, January 3rd

Happy New Year!  Is stuff happening again yet???  Some stuff, sure, because “Liner Notes”!

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Liner Notes: Friday, November 25th

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Record Store Day has a bunch of special Black Friday releases from In This Moment, Dustin Kensrue and more.  It’s all the stuff you want to buy, without having to fight anyone at Walmart!  A ton of labels, etc. are doing sales too.

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Liner Notes: Thursday, November 3rd

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Alternative Press compiled some musical reactions to last night’s epic World Series win by the Chicago Cubs.  They include Ryan Scott Graham of State Champs and Every Time I Die’s Jordan Buckley, but don’t include the awesome one from Alkaline Trio.  Good Chicago boys!

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