Weekendcore: Matthew Good Band – “Apparitions”

This edition of “Weekendcore” is actually this weekend’s second, but that’s because we had the unexpected and tragic news of Chester Bennington’s suicide.  This post is the one I had planned, and it’s the perfect way to end the feature.

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Weekendcore: Linkin Park – “Shadow of the Day”

Chester Bennington’s suicide was yesterday’s biggest story, and shock.  The Linkin Park frontman’s longtime battle with depression and other demons was well known, and an added element to this was the day it happened: what would’ve been Chris Cornell’s 53rd birthday.  They were very close, and Bennington took Cornell’s May suicide very hard.  Whether or not that played any role in this, rock has lost one of its best talents in the saddest way possible.

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Scene Specific: Halifax, Nova Scotia (Part 2)

When “Scene Specific” debuted, its first edition profiled Halifax.  As the home market of TPS I thought that was only fitting, and as this blog wraps up it’s equally so to bring the feature full-circle with another look.

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Weekendcore: Have It All – Changes

The very first album review on TPS was of an Italian band’s debut EP.  Have It All released Changes in 2013, and – despite me calling it straight-up hardcore back then, for whatever reason – it was actually more post-hardcore that skewed towards metal.  Genres right???

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Liner Notes: Thursday, July 13th

Seaway are dropping new stuff this week, including their cover of “Closer” from the upcoming Punk Goes Motown Pop Vol. 7.  The band tweeted that a “new chapter” is coming, so that’ll be something.

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Scenematography: Punk Cover Moose – “I Can’t Get Next to You”

I’ve long advocated for a Punk Goes Motown compilation.  While Fearless Records continues to not do that, at least we have Punk Cover Moose knowing that this idea is WHAT IS UP.

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Weekendcore: The All-American Rejects – “Swing, Swing”

The All-American Rejects have released two new songs, “Sweat” and “Close Your Eyes”.  New music from them has been few and far between over the past several years, so let’s honour that exactly how you’d think we would: throwing it back to an old song!

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Mashup Thoughts: Friday, July 7th

Who are the 2017 Chicago Cubs of alternative?  I…just don’t know.

I’m watching the Cubs on TV, and was trying to think of which artist compares to them.  Our previous sports-related comparison came when we determined Twenty One Pilots are the Golden State Warriors, and frankly that was much easier.  For the longest time the Cubbies were baseball’s loveable losers, but then last year they won their first World Series in 108 years.  This year they’re massively underachieving, and so I started to ponder who has a similar timeline in music – and came up with this picture: (!)

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