Album Review: Have It All – Changes EP

Basically right after The Perfect Scene went live, I got an e-mail from a gentleman named Marco Marconi, who plays guitar in a Padova, Italy-based hardcore band called Have It All.  Marco introduced himself and sent along the band’s debut EP Changes, which was released earlier this winter.  And now, I present to you the first album review on TPS!

Before we get into it, I’ll say writing a review can be hard: music is very subjective, and your description of it can either make someone say “hell yeah!” “nope!” or “what is he talking about?”.  So, just know that I simply write these as a fan of music, interpreted as I experience it.  I’m sure everyone does that, but this isn’t The Definitive* (*TM) or anything.
has six songs that basically don’t stop punching you in the face.  They’re fast and heavy, and entirely screamy: aside from the gang vocals, there’s not really regular singing to be found.  One thing I found interesting right off the bat was the guitar sound: Have It All make use of almost garage-sounding chords, very lightly distorted.  Now, when the songs get going they’re full out crank-the-gain-to-ten, but I like that because you don’t always hear that sound in hardcore bands.

Another thing I liked was the band’s use of audio drops.  “Side By Side” and “Changes” feature them, and I think it’s an interesting move to break the routine and toss in a little “oh yeah” type thing.

Changes is chock full of themes like reflection, forgiveness, anger, despair, liberation, and perseverance.  Life is a volatile thing, and this EP chronicles the journey nicely.  As the title and closing track says, “I won’t fail – I will try to find my way” – sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches.

According to the liner notes, Have It All encourage you to listen to bands like Every Stranger Looks Like You, Empty Veins, Ashes of Many, Striking Justice and more.  So, let those be a further guide to what you’d get with these guys.  Also, their Reverbnation page drops Refused, Gallows and Propaghandi as bands they sound like.  Have a listen to Have It All’s Changes EP, plus get it, at their Bandcamp page.  Thanks again to Marco for reaching out!

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