Interview: Generals of Monrovia

If Generals of Monrovia sound imposing and driven, it’s because they totally are.  The New Westminster, British Columbia pop-punkers – General Sokah (vocals/guitar), General 55 (bass/vocals) and General Motors (drums – also, HA) – have moved down to Austin, Texas and are releasing new EP Immigrant Punk February 17th.  Sokah took time to tell TPS about that and more GENERAL band stuff.  (Nothin’ but net!)

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Weekendcore: The Briggs – “This Is LA”

It’s NHL All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles.  Being that the hometown Kings are associated with a solid punk rock song that came out years ago, why the hell not do it up for this edition of “Weekendcore”?  ROOFED IN THE TOP CORNER!

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Scenematography: Bouncing Souls – “Battleground”

So, Donald Trump has been president of the United States of America for about a week now.  One thing he’s done is repeal Barack Obama’s executive order to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, and one new thing in the continued effort against the project is a new Bouncing Souls song in support.

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Matt Pryor and Dan Andriano are collaborating, and that’s the best

Alkaline Trio’s logo is a heart zomg what fate!

Matt Pryor fronts The Get Up Kids, and is also known for The New Amsterdams and solo stuff.  Dan Andriano co-fronts Alkaline Trio, and is also known for The Falcon and solo stuff like the new Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room.  They’re two of my favourite musicians of all-time as they’re in basically my two favourite bands (TGUK and Alk3), so when they hook up it’s like “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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Liner Notes: Monday, January 23rd

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on music?  White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on music.  It was delightfully inevitable.

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Weekendcore: Authority Zero – “Revolution”

Still amazingly, Donald Trump was inaugurated as US president yesterday.  Today, women’s marches are taking place all over the country and beyond.  I really think we’ll get a Rock Against Trump compilation out of this presidency, and this edition of “Weekendcore” throws it back to an offering from the 2004 series targeting George W. Bush.

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Strategizing a scene

Ah, we’ve all played through a Peavey at some point!

TPS’ home base of Halifax, Nova Scotia could be the next city to adopt a music strategy.  It was brought up at a council committee meeting yesterday, following the lead of Toronto, Austin, Texas; Melbourne and elsewhere.  It’s a solid idea, but one with a lot of moving parts and the need to recognize the market.

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Profile: From First to Last to Skrillex and back: Sonny (Moore’s) ways

If you’re a baseball fan you know why this pic is especially glorious today.  Hee hee hee.

Before Sonny Moore became a musical monster as Skrillex, he fronted the post-hardcore/emo band From First to Last.  This weekend Moore posted a tweet wishing himself a happy birthday, and it included a new FFTL song called “Make War”.  People who’ve been following this scene for a long time know, but just in case you’re newer to it or need a refresher, this profile will look back on how Sonny Moore first broke out.

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Interview: VISTA talk new single “Henchmen”, new members

*Photo by Holly Turner.

Back in May, New Jersey rocker Hope Vista’s new Long Island, NY-based band VISTA released debut EP VERSUS.  Fast forward to this past Friday, when the self-described “anthem rock” trio – who, beyond Vista on vocals, now feature Greg Almeida (guitar) and Matthew Vlossak (drums) – released new single “Henchmen”.  That all happened, and they told TPS about all the newness!

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TPS in Miami: The Recap

100% not actually NE 6th St.

I spent the last week in the beautiful, vibrant city of Miami, Florida.  As “TPS in…” does, the trip included as much musical influence as possible.  Venues were visited, random things were seen, favourite bands were represented and it was all documented on the just-linked-to Instagram.  Now, it’s time for the fuullllll recap!

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