Weekendcore: Straight Outta Junior High – “A Toast to the Good Times”

Yeah, no arrow or line or circle or whatever needed!

It’s New Year’s Eve!  2016 was brutal for losing legendary musicians and other celebs, so bring on 2017 right?  How about throwing it back to a prior year because “Weekendcore”?  Present, future and PAST WHOA.

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Interview: Jake McKelvie talks new folk EP The Rhinestone Busboy, the art of departure efforts

It can be tricky to go a different direction as an artist.  When you’re known for one thing people come to expect it, and don’t always react well to change.  But, change and evolution (not to mention, you know, enjoying different things anyway) are part of writing music.  Jake McKelvie is the man in front of Jake McKelvie and the Countertops, but also dabbles in solo stuff.  Latest solo EP The Rhinestone Busboy eschews the band’s indie rock for folk, and McKelvie spoke with TPS about how the whole process goes.

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It’s the week between Christmas and New Year’s and…yeah

There’s not a more useless week on the calendar than the one between Christmas and New Year’s.  The Christmas hangover is subsiding, no one works and there’s still another holiday to come before the season ends.  Upcoming TPS will include a “Liner Notes”, an interview with intriguing subject matter and New Year’s-themed “Weekendcore”, but now?  Umm…well, how about random musical tidbits?  (And I don’t mean “Mashup Thoughts”, although this could sort of be a mailed-in version of that I guess!)

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Weekendcore: MxPx – “Gimme Christmas”

You want Christmas, you got Christmas.  Santa makes the rounds tonight, and tomorrow brings presents and a big ol’ dinner.  This time of year also brings a musical present from MxPx.  (Merry Christmas.)  One such gift from the pop-punk stalwarts was “Gimme Christmas”.

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Scenematography: Luke Seymoup – “Mosquitoes”

Luke Seymoup’s first appearance on TPS was as the inspiration behind a Saves the Day-themed “Weekendcore”.  Now, the Melbourne folk punker is the main subject with the release of “Mosquitoes”.  The new single via Whisk and Key Records precedes an album set for release in 2017, and follows the 2015 split EP Two Folk Boys (in a Cadillac) with Joe Guiton.

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Mashup Thoughts: Tuesday, December 20th

Could lyric videos replace regular music videos? 

I’ve often said lyric videos are one of the smartest things to happen in music in the last few years.  It went from just regular people making them to official ones being released on YouTube.  The latter started as just fancy text, but many now have a whole concept going on behind the lyrics.  It makes me wonder if we could eventually see lyric videos on TV.  Music videos aren’t as prominent as they used to be, but maybe this could be a natural evolution for when channels decide to air Teen Wolf marathons them.

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Weekendcore: Jimmy Eat World – “12. 23. 95”

Jimmy Eat World’s Clarity is a seminal album in the world of emo.  The 1999 effort includes one for the season, and since Christmas itself is in exactly a week, that’s where this edition of “Weekendcore” takes us.

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2016 TPS Awards

There are exactly two weeks left in 2016 as of today.  All kinds of year-end lists are coming out (“Liner Notes” even did an edition just for them), and TPS should be no different huh?  Well, that said, how about the inaugural TPS Awards!  Some categories will become annual, some will be unique to the year, all will be well deserved.  Now, let’s reveal this year’s winners!

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Track Listing: Christmas Songs (2016)

Christmas is in just 10 days.  10 days!  That is not far off.  New related music comes out each year, and 2016 is no different.  So, as an encore to 2014’s version, let’s fire up another festive “Track Listing”!

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Interview: Kelly Sirko

While doing it for the sake of doing it isn’t always so, change is good.  Kelly Sirko put out two EPs as Kelly Lynn Barberbut decided a full rebrand was in the cards to truly become who she wanted to become.  The New Jersey native was a Penn State student at the time, but now does her thing in Boston.  New single “If You Were Awake” dishes out vibes of pop-punk and alt-rock, and that’s among what she expanded on with TPS.

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