A musical Christmas wish list

A main picture that’s a picture of a post that has yet to be written!  How???  A Christmas miracle!

We’re officially into the holiday season.  Black Friday has passed (and the deals are still on because COMMERCIALISM!!!!), it’s snowed in some places that get snow, it’s almost December and malls are playing Christmas music.  Etc.  So, what musical things do you want for Christmas?  I got to thinking about that, and what did you do when you were little?  Wrote to Santa, that’s what!  I’m 31, but blogs have written content (!) so let’s throw it back!  Ahem…

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Weekendcore: Billy Talent – “Devil on My Shoulder”

Billy Talent are one of those rare bands you recognize the split second a song starts.  Be it Ben Kowalewicz’s snotty vocals or Ian D’Sa’s choppy open guitar chords, they’re not only awesome but pretty original.  I’ve been on a random kick lately, so why not take “Weekendcore” back to something from these vicious, calculated Toronto boys?

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Liner Notes: Friday, November 25th

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Record Store Day has a bunch of special Black Friday releases from In This Moment, Dustin Kensrue and more.  It’s all the stuff you want to buy, without having to fight anyone at Walmart!  A ton of labels, etc. are doing sales too.

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Imagining a Thanksgiving compilation album


US Thanksgiving is on Thursday, and there really aren’t many songs about the holiday – alternative or otherwise.  I couldn’t think of any off the top of my head, and a search featured lists that just had songs about being thankful and all that.  But, what if there were a decent amount of Thanksgiving songs?  What might that be like?

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Weekendcore: Saves the Day – “Sell My Old Clothes, I’m Off to Heaven”

So I’m perusing the TPS Instagram, and I see Melbourne folk punker Luke Seymoup has posted a ukelele cover snippet of a song he’s currently obsessed with: as the title of this edition of “Weekendcore” goes, Saves the Day’s “Sell My Old Clothes, I’m Off to Heaven”.

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Interview: Tyler Burdwood of Spark & Fizz Records talks benefit compilation Revere Rock City

Boston-based Spark & Fizz Records is lending a hand to Garfield Middle School in the suburb of Revere, Massachusetts.  The label just released a compilation called Revere Rock City, which has contributions from a bunch of local artists.  Proceeds support a student “rock ensemble” led by teacher Eric Bolton, and the album comes with a zine and other cool features.  TPS caught up with Spark & Fizz’s Tyler Burdwood (who also appears on the comp in Bellwire) to run down the whole deal.

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Obama-Biden memes having musical conversations

The next Democrats in office will have the inevitable Trump version hung up.

So far, the best thing to come out of Donald Trump winning the US presidential election is the imagined bromance between current President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.  It’s given people some laughs during an upsetting time, but one thing they haven’t covered (that I’ve seen) is music.  What musical convos could they be having????  Dun dun duuuunnnnn…

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Weekendcore: The Get Up Kids – Four Minute Mile

The Get Up Kids have announced that they’re in the studio.  Their last album was 2011’s There Are Rules, which came after a hiatus and was followed by a decent amount of inactivity.  The band’s influence and legacy is secure, and while 1999’s Something to Write Home About was the seminal breakthrough, 1997 debut Four Minute Mile got it all going.

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Sweet looks for the alternative wardrobe

Just a couple of bucks today for this West 49 t-shirt at Value Village!  Value Village forever.

Beyond being a huge music fan, I’m also very much into apparel.  Being image-conscious is something I’ve been…uh, conscious of for a while now, and I wear things for a reason.  It’s only a coincidence that I picked up the shirt in the main pic the day this is being written, but let’s run down some alternative brands worth running down – West 49 not included, but that store is worth it too!

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Mashup Thoughts: Thursday, November 10th

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What music might we get during a Donald Trump presidency?

Once Donald Trump was elected president, several people made comments like “so many punk bands are gonna form now”.  Yours truly got in on that action too, and it really will be something to see if new acts come out of this and what current ones write.  Noisey did make a good point about not losing sight of what Trump winning really means, nailing it with “We’re teetering on the edge of descending into actual fascism, and you’re thinking about your record collection?!”.  I seriously think Rock Against Trump might be on the way though.

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