It’s okay to like supposed lesser artists that some people act like you shouldn’t

OMG worst band everrrrrrrr! (To say nothing of the picture’s quality!)

I was listening to SiriusXM’s Octane this morning when “Bad Girlfriend” by Theory of a Deadman came on.  I’ve always enjoyed it so I cranked it up, and it got me thinking about how TOAD are one of those artists many rock fans just dismiss.  They get lumped in with a bunch of others (like in this post’s main pic) and mocked accordingly.  Sometimes it’s warranted, but no matter what here’s the thing: it’s perfectly fine if you still enjoy them.

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Interview: The Summer Rabbit

The Summer Rabbit have actually been around longer than The Summer Rabbit (!).  The Halifax, Nova Scotia-based roots rockers just changed their name a few months ago.  Now Blair Lucas (vocals/guitar), Dan Taylor (bass/vocals) and Brett Chivari (drums) are releasing their self-titled debut October 1st, and – wait for it – tellin’ TPS about that and more!

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Weekendcore: The Vandals – “Change the World with My Hockey Stick”

I both love and hate the fact that I went to a hockey game tonight.  I love it because I’m a big hockey fan, but I hate it because it means summer is over.  In a delightful side note my Halifax Mooseheads used Blink-182’s “Bored to Death” in a promo video, but the beef of this edition of “Weekendcore” is it’s now the second-straight sports-themed edition.

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Anatomy of a Songwriting Camp

It was on and Codapoppin’.  (That’ll be still worthy of being fired into the sun funnier in the second paragraph.)

Songwriting camps are quite the thing.  A bunch of random musicians are thrown together and tasked with writing songs in a very short time.  They can create big hits, and surely a good amount of B-sides.  Either way they promote networking and ideas, and today I got to check one out and get a glimpse of how it all goes down.

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Interview: Allie & Ivy

Like Ben Folds Five and other acts that are DECEPTIVE UPON INTRODUCTION WHOA, Allie & Ivy‘s name makes you think there are more members than in reality.  In said reality, Aleisha Conlay is both.  Allie is obviously short for Aleisha, and Ivy is an alter ego that we’ll totally get into in this chat with the Sydney, Australia indie popper – which, by the way, we’re doing in honour of new single “Best Friends”, available today on iTunes!  (!)

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Weekendcore: Ten Yard Fight – “First and Ten”

Is it also surprising that American Football never went (never meant?) this route?

Hey it’s Week…2 (whoops!) of NFL football!  This edition of “Weekendcore” probably could’ve happened in the last couple of weeks, although last week’s was obviously to mark the 9/11 anniversary so…no this is fine, whatever.  Don’t you love real-time thoughts within a post?

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Interview: Woke Up Waiting

Wings and beer.  Baseball and hot dogs.  Loud music and driving.  Pop-punk and Vancouver.  All of these are great combinations, and Woke Up Waiting encapsulate the latter.  The three-piece – Justin Mattock (vocals/guitar), Sean Thomas (vocals/guitar) and Lucas Bayley (bass/vocals) – put out debut single “Best of Me” in July, and will follow it up with EP Better Off This Way October 20th.  When I first WOKE UP (woooo) this morning, there was no WAITING (okay sorry…ish) to post their chat with TPS!

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You never forget your first…guitar

My current guitar.  (“Who puts stickers on an acoustic!?”  Your mom, that’s who!)

*The following is brought to you by Guitar Center.

Even if you couldn’t do much with it, your first anything is usually pretty special.  It was your introduction, the excitement of your learning curve, your first true love.  The relationship guitarists have with their instrument is one of music’s best, and it got me thinking about my own experience.

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This post brought to you by TPS being a total sellout

“Yeah F you man, your older posts were way better!!!1!1”

Not long ago I was approached about doing something that I had to give some thought to.  When I remembered many blogs (and otherwise) do it I thought what the hell, it’d be nice to grow TPS’ monetization potential considering the work I put into it.  So, soon you’ll occasionally see something new here: sponsored posts.

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Weekendcore: Autopilot Off – “The 12th Day”

I read something crazy online the other day: this year’s high school freshmen are the first that weren’t alive on September 11th, 2001.  9/11 is a historical event they only know from stories.  That is…just amazing to think it’s been that long.  But it’s been 15 years since the attacks, and 12 years since a New York band summed up the aftermath in a tragically beautiful blast of punk rock.

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