A salute to hardworking people in music ahead of Labour Day

RIP Gene Wilder.

This coming Monday is Labour Day in Canada and the US.  It’s a day off to celebrate the fact that we work hard, and back in the day people fought for the right to a fair work day.  Those in the music industry are no different, so with this post we’ll give a nod to a few who are busting their butts doin’ their thang.

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Weekendcore: Weezer – The Blue Album

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 1.49.43 PM
Earlier today I booked myself some time to go surfing next weekend.  That got me thinking about how I totally gotta listen to “Surf Wax America” on the way, and then how that could be next weekend’s “Weekendcore”.  Then I was like “wait, it’s Labour Day weekend next weekend and I already have one picked out”, and THEN (!) remembered how great and seminal the entire Blue Album is so…hey, here’s the full-meal deal THIS weekend!

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A mildly in-depth look at music festival food

Rockin Sausage
The meal that inspired this post.  Also, I saved this picture as “Rockin’ Sausage”…ha.

I got the hankerin’ to barbecue sausages for dinner tonight, as you can surely tell by the picture and caption.  Then I got to thinking about what music I’d listen to while I cooked (which turned out to be nothing, actually!), and ultimately food at festivals.  So…let’s look at a few options!

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Scenematography: Coheed and Cambria – “Bridge and Tunnel”

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 6.57.13 PM
Coheed and Cambria released The Color Before the Sun last year, their eighth album and first that isn’t part of The Amory Wars.  This past Friday the band released The Color Before the Sun: Deconstructed, a digital deluxe edition that features two bonus demos.  One of them had a video released for it yesterday.

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Weekendcore: The Tragically Hip – “Fifty Mission Cap”

“Good Canadian boys!” – Don Cherry (probably) *Photo from http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/tragically-hip-toronto-1.3716139

Full disclosure: I’ve never been a huge Tragically Hip fan.  It’s not that I think they’re bad (I dig several of their singles), I just never got into them as much a good majority of Canadians.  But, their legacy is cemented and respect well earned.  Basically every Canadian band we’ve covered on TPS owes something to The Hip.  The documentary Rave & Drool: The 90’s CanRock Revival might not (hopefully) exist without them.  In so many ways they’re Can-rock personified, and their final show ever tonight in their hometown of Kingston, Ontario will be one of the country’s more bittersweet celebrations.

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Liner Notes: Thursday, August 18th

Logo - Liner Notes
Fossil Youth have released their new single “Watercolor Daydream”.  It’s the first off upcoming album A Glimpse of Self Joy, which comes out November 4th.  In the meantime, they’re touring this month and are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at The Smiling Moose tonight if you’re, well, close enough to go!

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The art of drowning…while trying to honour branding AND correctness

Art of Drowning...
It does feel spooky sometimes…and lights a fire inside!  (Sorry not sorry.)

When you really get into the nuts and bolts of writing, it can be pretty tricky.  As a music blogger there are things to consider beyond just regular proper writing, and in all honesty sometimes it’s a pain.  Some of it is just a general learning curve we all go through, but some can be avoided just by how the artist handles it.

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Weekendcore: Over It – “Waiting”

So much California on this album cover.  Kinda makes ya feel good no?

200 years ago – give or take, I guess – I went to college.  Loyalist was my school, and its radio station has a Modern Rock format that lent itself nicely to my tastes.  While I was doing shifts, one song we played was by a band I hadn’t heard of prior.  Said song was a kickass introduction to them.

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Mashup Thoughts: Friday, August 12th

Logo - Mashup Thoughts
Back-to-back new feature logo debuts!  $?%&#$@-…well, actually in this logo’s case not anymore!

When you wanna theme it up but there’s just nothing there.

If you’re a fan of Major League Baseball you know tonight is New York Yankees third baseman DH benchwarmer Alex Rodriguez’s final game.  The Yanks are booting the controversial legend because he’s old and bad now, but, despite the admitted steroid use and general dinkness, he’s one of the best players ever.  I was thinking about doing something with New York and Miami artists (his current team and hometown), but I couldn’t come up with anything.  So…there’s your behind-the-scenes look at the TPS cutting room floor!  Godspeed A-Rod, go listen to Nothing Gold Can Stay or something.

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Scene Specific: Windsor-Detroit

Scene Specific With Border
A new logo!  See how the lights are like a skyline AND digital VU metre?  Genius! (?)

I’ve always loved border markets because you get the best of both worlds.  Whether between countries, provinces or states, there’s a dynamic that’s really cool and hard to beat.  Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan have 1) been talked about on this blog before and 2) are two cool blue-collar cities that have taken their share of lumps, and combine to form perhaps North America’s most solid border metro this side of San Diego-Tijuana.  They also have rock music are you surprised?????  Let’s cover some!

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