Yet another music-related sexual assault accusation

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Scrolling through the TPS Twitter I saw the tweet in the above picture.  As you can tell, Boston power poppers Bellwire had a show scheduled at Cambridge, MA’s Out of the Blue but they switched venues because of a sexual assault allegation.

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Pop-punk whoopie pie party

Earlier today I made pizza whoopie pies, which are – besides maybe lemon meringue pie – the very best dessert treat.  I decided to throw on some pop-punk while doing so, and eventually I thought “why not expand on the tweet about it with a post?”.  Seems legit.

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Weekendcore: Yellowcard – “Ocean Avenue”

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The first song I ever heard from Yellowcard was “October Nights”.  I can’t remember exactly when that was, but it was off 2001’s One for the Kids so…around then (*slow clap*).  The band announced this week they’re releasing a new album, going on a world tour, then breaking up.  Using “breakup” is notable because everyone these days says “indefinite hiatus”, although Yellowcard actually did burn that one in 2008.  Yellowcard, out September 30th, will be the band’s tenth album, but it was fourth effort Ocean Avenue that broke the Florida pop-punk act out.  That, of course, features the title track.

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Ska is probably the best alternative genre for the cottage

Cottage Chipmunk
The TRUMPET!  (Lou Bega references are hot and totally appropriate right?)

As mentioned in last week’s “Liner Notes”, I spent the last week in a super remote area with so-so internet.  That – and, you know, doin’ vacation stuff – is why posts have been scarce lately.  I do apologize for that, but it also provided inspiration for another post so yay!

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Weekendcore: The Starting Line – “Best Of Me”

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Zomg the super remote cottage I’m at has Wi-Fi!  We can post in real time, so to hell with scheduling!  (Not that it’s not too late for that anyway right!)  At some point this week one of 2002’s best singles popped into my head, so now it’s this edition of “Weekendcore”.

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Interview: Northcote

Combining the energy of a full band with the rawness of acoustic guitar is, when done right, one of rock’s great treats.  Nanaimo, British Columbia’s Northcote pulls that off nicely.  The project of Matt Goud has grown bigger over the years, which culminated in last fall’s Hope Is Made of Steel.  The cross-Canada tour in support is on now, with a Halifax date Friday night at The Seahorse Tavern that I’m sadly out of town for!  (Timing FTW.)  You know what though?  CHATS.

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How can we respond after Christina Grimmie’s at-venue murder?

*Photo from Getty Images

It’s been a really tragic weekend in Orlando.  Last night saw the deadliest mass shooting in US history, and the night before saw singer Christina Grimmie gunned down while signing autographs after a show with local pop rockers Before You Exit.  The former was a terrorist attack and apparent hate crime, and the latter begs a question of the music world: how can we stop an act like this?

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Weekendcore: From Autumn To Ashes – “The After Dinner Payback”

Earlier this week We Are Triumphant Records posted a Twitter question asking who got you into “metal/core”.  I thought back to the first metal acts I could really call myself a fan of and came up with Tool and From Autumn To Ashes.  Did I actually answer the tweet?  Nope (jerk!), but here’s a belated one in the form of remembering something from the latter.

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Album Review: Romance & Rebellion – Romance & Rebellion

Cover Art
Romance and rebellion.  They’re harder to deal with than the chill version of R&R, but – juxtaposed or otherwise –  often more rewarding.  Listening to Romance & Rebellion is a nice happy medium, as displayed by their self-titled debut EP which came out last week.  The Los Angeles-based pop rockers dish out equal doses of rock and sweetness across six catchy tracks.

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