Track Listing: Stanley Cup Soundtrack

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Tonight is Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final between the San Jose Sharks and Pittsburgh Penguins.  In honour of that, it’s time for a “Track Listing” that pits (Pitts?) the two markets against each other – well, not really “against” but it’ll be Bay Area and Pittsburgh artists on display so yeah!

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Weekendcore: Our Lady Peace – Naveed

Several sweet albums came out in 1994.  Weezer’s Blue Album, Green Day’s Dookie, Soundgarden’s Superunknown and Stone Temple Pilots’ Purple are among the more notable ones, and the year’s offerings included Our Lady Peace’s Naveed.

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Which artist is the Golden State Warriors of alternative?

Twenty One Warriors
The timing of this post could be better as they’re surprisingly on the verge of elimination, but the Golden State Warriors are a total powerhouse.  The defending NBA champions had a record 73-win season this year and have almost rewritten how to play the game.  As we do on TPS, it got me to thinking about who the alternative music version of Steph Curry and the gang could be.  I really think – as you might’ve guessed by looking at the picture – that it might be Twenty One Pilots.

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TPS is on the ‘Press

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Since The Perfect Scene debuted in February 2014 it’s been on Blogger.  Google’s platform is user-friendly and detailed, and really could still serve this site just fine.  But, in the ongoing effort to make TPS better I eventually decided it was time to take complete control of the back end.  That said, welcome to the all-new WordPress TPS!

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Weekendcore: Hot Hot Heat – “Bandages”


Hot Hot Heat’s
final album will be self-titled and out June 24th.  It’ll be their fifth and first since 2010’s Future Breeds, and bring to a close the better part of two decades putting out dance-worthy indie rock.  While it’s not like they formed the night before, Hot Hot Heat didn’t have to wait long for success. Continue reading “Weekendcore: Hot Hot Heat – “Bandages””

Scenematography: The Drones – “Boredom”

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For almost 20 years, Melbourne-based The Drones have been celebrated as one of Australia’s great live and adventurous acts.  Their seventh album Feelin Kinda Free expands on the latter, and third single “Boredom” is an absolute jam – the title totally betrays the song.

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Liner Notes: Tuesday, May 17th

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We start with Billboard and Brand New’s new song!  It’s called “I Am a Nightmare”, and WHEN WILL THEY FOLLOW UP DAISY BLARRRGAGGG.

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Weekendcore: Taking Back Sunday – Tell All Your Friends


2002 was right in the heyday of emo.  One of the biggest underground labels at the time was Victory Records, who that year would put out an album that would become one of the modern-day genre’s most seminal.

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If You Change Direction As An Artist, Make Sure It’s Not Premature


As an artist, change is often good.  Musical evolution is key to keeping yourself challenged and happy (even when it pisses your fans off), and beyond the music sometimes the strategy just needs it.  Every situation is unique and subjective, but sometimes change comes too soon.There are a lot of variables that go into playing music, especially if you’re trying to do it full-time.  But there are keys to success that apply to every artist, and after seeing a couple of recent ones make what I feel is a premature switch I want to lay some out.  It’s really nothing you don’t already know, but we all can use a reminder when things seem so uphill.

Track Listing: This One’s For The Girls, Vol. 2

Girls Single

There’s a part of me that feels bad doing this “Track Listing”, because female rockers shouldn’t be considered a novelty and I don’t want it to come off like they are.  But, as touched on in the original version, beautiful women who can also melt your face off with music are a wonderful thing.  They deserve to be highlighted as such!