Track Listing: Music From Every MLB Playoff City

The 2014 Major League Baseball playoffs get underway tomorrow, and in honour of that I figured we could listen to some music from each participating city.  This year features the Baltimore Orioles, Detroit Tigers, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Kansas City Royals and Oakland Athletics from the American League, and the Washington Nationals, St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants from the National League. So, a sampling from each location is in order.  Let’s do it:

All Time Low
ft. Vic Fuentes – “A Love Like War” (Baltimore, Maryland)

Hailing from suburban Towson, All Time Low are joined by Pierce The Veil frontman Vic Fuentes for this frantic, mid-tempo number.  The playoffs can feel like war too, right?  Actually, none of these songs have anything to do with baseball, so don’t expect that.  Although, teams could think “we go together or we don’t go down at all”.  Bonus!  The guys in All Time Low are fans of the Orioles too, and you can hear them talk about them here.

We Came As Romans – “Hope” (Detroit, Michigan)

Does this outfit from Motor City suburb Troy “hope” that the Tigers win the World Series?  The Tigers certainly “hope” so.  You see what’s happening here? Gimme an answer nooooow!

New Years Day – “I’m No Good” (Anaheim, California)

I may have mentioned this before (I actually can’t remember, no cheekiness here) but I love female vocals.  Ashley Costello just sounds good here, and speaking of good…hopefully the Angels don’t feel that they’re no good, because they had baseball’s best record this year and feature the game’s best player in Mike Trout.  Did I hurt myself reaching for that segue?  We’ll find out!

O, Giant Man – “Animal” (Kansas City, Missouri)

You want some jingly-jangly indie pop?  This song will just make you feel happy.  You know who’s an animal by the way?  James Shields.

Green Day – “Having A Blast” (Oakland, California)

Decided to go with one of my favourite tracks from Dookie for these Berkeley boys, who’ve obviously always stood out in a very potent East Bay scene.  The Athletics haven’t been “having a blast” the past few weeks as they almost free-fell out of the playoff picture, but here they are.  Winning! (except lately, but yeah.)

The Dismemberment Plan – “The City” (Washington, District of Columbia)

I bet “the city” (no the puns never get old) is pretty excited to have Nationals playoff baseball in the nation’s capital, so why not enjoy these District indie rockers?  Couple that with nearby Baltimore having the Orioles in, and it’s good times in the metro area.

Story of the Year – “And The Hero Will Drown” (St. Louis, Missouri)

Oh the Cardinals – always in the playoffs.  So, let’s do something awesome from Story of the Year’s excellent debut Page Avenue, the solid opening track that’s one of my fave offerings on it.

“Guess it’s too bad, that everything we have, is taken away” – The Milwaukee Brewers on their division lead.

The Briggs – “This Is LA” (Los Angeles, California)

While this has become the official theme song of the Los Angeles Kings, you can obviously pin this to their good friends the Dodgers as they look to finally put that massive payroll to use.  That and it’s an awesome song: just a good ol’ serving of punk rock.

Anti-Flag – “This Is The End (For You My Friend)” (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

“Politics put aside, this one goes out to the San Francisco Giants!” – Pittsburgh Pirates.

Speaking of….

Pansy Division – “Headbanger” (San Francisco, California)

Finally, something for the Giants as they get ready to play Pittsburgh in the National League Wildcard game.  Hopefully the game isn’t too much of a “headbanger” for them, as that would mean it’s not going well!  Hilarious!

So, if your favourite team is in this year’s MLB playoffs, enjoy and good luck to them.  If not, well, music is good – you’ve at least got this post.

Musical Proof That Tacos Are The Music Of Food

 My favourite food in the entire world is tacos.  Yesterday I had tacos for dinner, and joked that TPS should have a food component so I could blog about them.  Sure enough, I remembered a musical tie-in that would allow that, and discovered even more in the process.  Ballin’!

 What I remembered was excellent Moncton, New Brunswick alt-rockers The Motorleague have a page on their website called “Taco Thursday” (when I was going to do this post yesterday before I fell asleep on the couch, that was even more amazing) where they make tacos out of anything.  For example, this would-be-amazing concoction:

First of all, mini pizzas and Pillsbury Pizza Pops are far from shitty and secondly, the second best food made into the best food?  Ohhhhhh baby.

If you’re thinking dessert taco, The Motorleague have you covered there too:

So, that’s awesome.  In the process of readying this post, I learned of two more taco-inspired musical entities.  First of all, there’s a food truck in Dallas, Texas called Rock And Roll Tacos that well, serves tacos AND plays music – including live bands!  Holy shit right?  I also learned that there’s a band in Seattle, Washington called Tacos!, whose bio reads like this: “We are two fun-loving heavy metal kids who like to drive around the country preaching the gospel of eating tacos and listening to glistening tunes.”  I can get behind that.

So, combining great food with great music is…uh, great, and tacos are the musical equivalent of alternative music in TPS’ opinion.