Profile: From First to Last to Skrillex and back: Sonny (Moore’s) ways

If you’re a baseball fan you know why this pic is especially glorious today.  Hee hee hee.

Before Sonny Moore became a musical monster as Skrillex, he fronted the post-hardcore/emo band From First to Last.  This weekend Moore posted a tweet wishing himself a happy birthday, and it included a new FFTL song called “Make War”.  People who’ve been following this scene for a long time know, but just in case you’re newer to it or need a refresher, this profile will look back on how Sonny Moore first broke out.

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Interview: VISTA talk new single “Henchmen”, new members

*Photo by Holly Turner.

Back in May, New Jersey rocker Hope Vista’s new Long Island, NY-based band VISTA released debut EP VERSUS.  Fast forward to this past Friday, when the self-described “anthem rock” trio – who, beyond Vista on vocals, now feature Greg Almeida (guitar) and Matthew Vlossak (drums) – released new single “Henchmen”.  That all happened, and they told TPS about all the newness!

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TPS in Miami: The Recap

100% not actually NE 6th St.

I spent the last week in the beautiful, vibrant city of Miami, Florida.  As “TPS in…” does, the trip included as much musical influence as possible.  Venues were visited, random things were seen, favourite bands were represented and it was all documented on the just-linked-to Instagram.  Now, it’s time for the fuullllll recap!

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Weekendcore: Taking Back Sunday – “Miami”

I wasn’t crazy about already doing another Taking Back Sunday-themed “Weekendcore”, but Taking Back Sunday are good and appropriate and they have a song that’s good and appropriate for this weekend’s edition.  “TPS in Miami” starts tomorrow, so why not do a song named after the city?

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TPS in Miami

“Ladies well read, literate boast and they be screamin’ ‘TPS we loved your last post!'”

Next week will see the latest edition of “TPS in…”.  We’ve previously had Boston and the San Francisco Bay Area, and the latest edition is  – you know, if the title of this post is providing any ambiguity – Miami!

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Rock is not dead, and will never be so

Stupid Robin!

The other night I got into a Twitter conversation with Partisan, which somehow became a severalpart thread.  (I replied to tweets as they happened, so was that me?  Them?  I don’t know, sorry though!)  It stemmed from their annoyance at those questioning the current status of rock music, with New Republic having the latest offering.  In the end myself and the British rockers had the same conclusion: rock is not dead, and will….the title, the title of this post, you know.

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Liner Notes: Tuesday, January 3rd

Happy New Year!  Is stuff happening again yet???  Some stuff, sure, because “Liner Notes”!

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Weekendcore: Straight Outta Junior High – “A Toast to the Good Times”

Yeah, no arrow or line or circle or whatever needed!

It’s New Year’s Eve!  2016 was brutal for losing legendary musicians and other celebs, so bring on 2017 right?  How about throwing it back to a prior year because “Weekendcore”?  Present, future and PAST WHOA.

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Interview: Jake McKelvie talks new folk EP The Rhinestone Busboy, the art of departure efforts

It can be tricky to go a different direction as an artist.  When you’re known for one thing people come to expect it, and don’t always react well to change.  But, change and evolution (not to mention, you know, enjoying different things anyway) are part of writing music.  Jake McKelvie is the man in front of Jake McKelvie and the Countertops, but also dabbles in solo stuff.  Latest solo EP The Rhinestone Busboy eschews the band’s indie rock for folk, and McKelvie spoke with TPS about how the whole process goes.

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It’s the week between Christmas and New Year’s and…yeah

There’s not a more useless week on the calendar than the one between Christmas and New Year’s.  The Christmas hangover is subsiding, no one works and there’s still another holiday to come before the season ends.  Upcoming TPS will include a “Liner Notes”, an interview with intriguing subject matter and New Year’s-themed “Weekendcore”, but now?  Umm…well, how about random musical tidbits?  (And I don’t mean “Mashup Thoughts”, although this could sort of be a mailed-in version of that I guess!)

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