Definite nostalgia, possible plot loss

Oh Dears…you had one single that did well a long time ago.

Stuff always happens in the music world.  Record Store Day has announced this year’s offerings, Lollapalooza has announced this year’s lineup, other people have announced things relating to this year…yada yada.  I’ve been slacking lately on TPS though – the blog itself, and social media.  I kind of know why, but I kind of don’t either.

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Album Review: Shadowake – Shadowake

Metal often provides some of the more brilliant sonic atmospheres in rock music.  Delving into prog, alt and other subgenres combines the heavy with the pretty, and on an instrumental effort that’s magnified greatly.

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A festive gathering of alternative St. Patrick’s Day concerts

I’m still unsure of how to feel about this effort.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, which means the Irish celebrate and others get drunk because they have an excuse.  No matter who you are, there’s something for you to do.  But what about specifically the rock shows?  Yeah how about specifically the rock shows!

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Musical March Madness

Tonight is the start of NCAA March Madness.  The annual men’s college basketball tournament is a betting goldmine as people – many who don’t otherwise give a flying F about the sport – fill out their own brackets.  That said, music finds its own tie-ins so…let’s cover a few!

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Weekendcore: 311 – “Down”

It’s 311 Day!  2017 isn’t a year for a massive March 11th concert, but the band did announce a summer tour today and have a Facebook Live event planned for 3:11 PST this afternoon.  (Will you see this in time for that?  Who knows!)  In honour, let’s take it back to their breakthrough single.

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Liner Notes: Friday, March 10th

SXSW is on as of today.  It’s a week and a half of concerts, conferences and all kinds of good stuff in Austin, Texas.  If you’re going you’re lucky – including because warm weather = good!

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International Women’s Day shout-outs for musical ladies

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day.  With that in mind, how about we give props to some awesome ones doing their thing in our world?

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Weekendcore: Zwan – “Honestly”

Look at the joy…Billy Corgan joy!

Not long after the Smashing Pumpkins’ breakup, frontman Billy Corgan and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin formed Zwan with Matt Sweeney, Paz Lenchantin and David Pajo.  Their own breakup months after the release of their debut album was a true “WTF?” moment, and for how it went down they’re kind of an almost humorous footnote in modern rock history.  No matter, because at the very least I thought they were cool.

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Isolated vocals are…compelling?

Get it?

It seems like isolated-vocal tracks are becoming something people post.  Alternative Press did Tyler Joseph for Twenty One Pilots“Heathens”, and Eric Alper has done a bunch to name a couple of examples.  Maybe I’m experiencing recency bias and this isn’t new (a “Smells Like Teen Spirit” example is from 2010!), but it seems like a current trend.

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Weekendcore: The Watchmen – “Lusitana”

As these things often go, early last week I got a random song stuck in my head.  Also as these things often go, since it was old I figured “Why not make it the next ‘Weekendcore’?”  See how this often happens?

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